Episode 334

Published on:

17th Jun 2022

Disbanding the Climactic Collective

Who are we? Storytellers and podcasters.

The climate crisis is going to take all of us to address, and before long everyone will be climate change-effected. Isn't it time our podcasts engaged with that reality?

And yet, on June 24th, 2022, the Climactic Collective will disband, and the website Climactic.fm will deactivate.

Here's why.

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We live in Climactic times. Climactic tells the stories of the people making a difference in the face of climate crisis.

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Mark Spencer

I'm Mark, and I'm a podcast addict. I've turned my tens of thousands of misbegotten hours binging history, comedy, and everything in-between into being a keen collaborator on audio projects (climate, local stories, place-based audio especially).

I work with passionate people to turn their ideas into published projects, when I'm not working in the renewable energy space in Naarm/Melbourne.