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30th May 2023

Simon Moore | Unite to survive at The Big One, London

On the 1st January 2023, Extinction Rebellion (XR) made a shock announcement titled simply ‘We Quit’. After years of public disruption raising the alarm on the climate and ecological emergency, they had decided to shift their focus into mobilising larger numbers of people – to unite to survive.

That led XR and hundreds of other campaign groups and NGOs to bring 100,000 people on to the streets outside Parliament in London, 21-24 April, for ‘The Big One’.

Join climate justice activist Simon Moore as he explores the protest and meets seasoned activists and newbies, mothers and grandmothers, filmmakers and singers, young and old. Find out why they are at The Big One and what they think the future holds for climate activism.

Charlie Gardner explains why scientists need to get onto the streets and stop hoping that scientific reports alone will solve anything.

Orchestrated Discontent perform to spectators at the London Marathon and ask people to speak up for others, for Black lives, for trans lives, and for restoring Africa.

Holly gives her thoughts on her partner Marcus Decker’s recent sentence of two years and seven months in jail for protesting with Just Stop Oil.

And Rich Felgate shares his expectations for the ‘ecosystem of resistance’ that we could see from the climate movement in the coming years.

You can follow Simon on Twitter @Simon_C_Moore and find more of his podcasts on Climactic.

Featuring, in order of appearance:

  • Rick Felgate
  • Nicky Crowther
  • Sam Knights
  • Seize the Day
  • Pete the Temp
  • Chris Packham
  • Simon Hoyte
  • Sam Holland
  • Ruth Carpenter
  • Orchestrated Discontent
  • Annie Welch
  • Sally Morgan
  • Emma Collins
  • Aaron Thierry
  • Beth Irving
  • Charlie Gardner
  • Solomon Bourne



Music by Tom Day – What Could Be

Recorded, produced and edited by Simon Moore, with assistance from Mark Spencer.

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